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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we prepare our own food or provide our own caterer?

The Belvedere staff provides all food service at The Belvedere. Our catering staff has designed menus with a vast selection of items to select from. We can also accommodate special requests and alternative menus for your special occasion.

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Can we serve our own Liquor?

Since The Belvedere has its own liquor license, we are required to provide all alcohol to the guests. All beverage service must be ordered through The Belvedere. We abide by and enforce all liquor laws imposed by the the State of Nebraska Liquor Commission.

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When is closing time

A reservation usually covers a six hour period for use of the social hall. Some events call for an adjustment to that period based on the type of event or occasion. Adjustments can be made when necessary, however, no event may continue later than midnight on the day of occupation.

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What is the Polish Home?

The Polish Home, founded in 1933, is a non-profit club, dedicated to preserving Polish culture and traditions in the Nebraska/Iowa region. The club's central location for all of its activities is The Belvedere Social Hall. Activities sponsored throughout the year include: Polish language classes, polka dances, art exhibits, Polish dinners, tours to Poland, the annual "Wigilia" dinner and many other traditional Polish celebrations. Polish Home members are eligible to receive discounts on rentals of The Belvedere Social Hall and Cultural Center and attend special events held for "members only" throughout the year. Requests for information regarding the Polish Home can be directed to The Belvedere.

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