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Hot Buffet


Roast Beef:     w/Au Jus or Beef Gravy              w/Mushroom Sauce

Baked Ham:  Glazed w/Fruit and Honey         Rolled w/Gouda and Havarti Cheeses

Chicken:  Fried or Baked                      Polish Sausage:  Fresh or Smoked   

Boneless Chicken Breasts               Roast Pork                       Italian Meatballs

Swedish Meatballs                            Italian Sausage and Peppers  

Baked Lasagna                                 Vegetable Lasagna          Salisbury Steak

Beef Stroganoff                                 Roast Turkey                   Rolled Turkey w/Dressing

Baked Cod w/Lemon Butter             Cabbage Rolls     

VEGETABLES (CHOOSE 1)                    

Whole Kernel Corn            Peas and Pearl Onions          Glazed Whole Baby Carrots 

Green Beans Amandine         Italian Medley                          California Mix  

Potato Dumplings w/Kraut or Sweet & Sour Cabbage

                                     POTATOES (CHOOSE 1)

Au Gratin                                Tortellini Alfredo                                 Wild Rice

Broccoli Rice Casserole       Twice Baked Potato Casserole          Scalloped

Parsley Buttered Potatoes    Garlic Mashed Potatoes                   
Sage Dressing

Mashed w/Beef, Pork, or Chicken Gravy

                                      SALADS (CHOOSE 1)

Garden Fresh Lettuce Salad              Cole Slaw (Creamy or Vinaigrette, or Poppy Seed)

Sour Cream & Cucumber                Fresh Fruits (When in Season)     Peas & Cheese

Marinated Pasta                               Jell-O w/Fruit Cocktail               Potato Salad

Marinated Mixed Vegetables (w/Vinaigrette, Ranch, or Poppy Seed)       Macaroni Salad

Fresh Vegetables (Relishes w/Dill or Ranch Dip)             Acini de Pepe Fluff

Oriental Slaw                                   Broccoli/Bacon/Raisin Salad

Cold Buffet

                                          MEATS (CHOOSE 4)

Breast Turkey                              Corned Beef                                Ham

Salami                                          Roast Beef                                   Pastrami

                                         CHEESES (CHOOSE 3)

American                                     Provolone                                   Swiss

Monterey Jack                            Cheddar                                       Gouda

                                           SALADS (CHOOSE 4)

Marinated Mixed Vegetables (w/Vinaigrette, Ranch, or Poppy Seed)  

Cole Slaw (Vinaigrette, Creamy, or Poppy Seed)        Sour Cream & Cucumbers

Macaroni Salad                  Fresh Fruits (When in Season)     Peas & Cheese

Marinated Pasta                Broccoli, Bacon, Raisin Salad         Oriental Slaw

Fresh Vegetables (Relishes w/Dill or Ranch Dip)        Potato Salad 

Acini de Pepe Fluff                  Jell-O with Fruit